How Big Is God?

Old-fashioned orthodoxy used to think of God as a venerable sort of person, sitting off in the sky somewhere, meting out punishment or favors as He saw fit.

Savages in the jungle thought of God as a kind of great spirit dwelling perhaps in a lofty mountain. He was to be feared, and in order to gain His favor, He must be propitiated by various rites and incantations, often with human sacrifice.

Even in our own Old Testament, the peoples of those days felt that God demanded burnt offerings and other oblations; and they often ascribed to God some of their own shortcomings and failings.

In each of these cases, man, in his groping for the Truth, circumscribed and limited God, so that he only possessed a small fraction of the real God.

However, little by little over the centuries, man's concept of God has grown, until today, the student of metaphysics knows that God is not to be found in some remote place, but that He is immanent in His creation, and that means that He can be contacted right here and now.

How big is God? Your own concept of God can be big or small, but the bigger you build God, the greater influence will He be in your life. The more you see of God in yourself, your fellow man, and your environment, the more your life will reflect peace, poise, and joy.

Practice the presence of God in all things and you will find that not only will more and more good come into your life, but you will become a source of inspiration and help to all those whom you meet.